Friday 13th October 2023

“This week has been a particularly difficult week for the Jewish community and our members, many of whom have been personally affected by events in Israel. The Jewish Police Association has been doing a considerable amount of work nationally across numerous forces, including:


  • Welfare support to colleagues and guidance to line managers.
  • Collaborative working with the Association of Muslim Police.
  • Feedback to senior leaders and joint working with external partners, such as the Community Security Trust.
  • Setting up volunteer opportunities for members to assist Neighbourhood Teams in Jewish areas with community reassurance.


We’ve had many new members join us this week from across the country. If you’d like to join, please email us and if there’s any support we can provide, wherever you are in the UK, please do not hesitate to get in touch.”



Sunday 8th October 2023

“The Jewish Police Association is available for our members and police force colleagues, or line managers, who may need support or advice at this time, such as if they have been travelling in Israel, or have friends and family affected. Please reach out to a member of the Exec, or via our usual email or mobile contact details if you need.

If members are currently in Israel, please register with the FCDO via their dedicated service ( If you can’t get back to the UK, consider contacting your line manager so they can plan around your absence and keep abreast of flight availability.

We understand concerns regarding safety and  antisemitism, and continue to work closely with our colleagues across policing, and key partners such as CST, to support our members and communities at this time.”