JPA Executive Committee

Chair – Detective Inspector Nicholas Goldwater

Nicholas joined the Metropolitan Police in 2006 after graduating from university. He trained as a Detective and has since worked in a number of investigative departments.  He has been actively involved in the JPA throughout his career and a member of the JPA Executive Committee since 2014.

Deputy Chair – Police Constable Daniel Morris

Daniel has been working with the JPA for the past five years. He has been active in police recruitment and youth work, and now is involved nationally in supporting police and home office in equality planning. He is an response team officer in the Metropolitan Police Service, where he continues to perform London based JPA roles. Daniel is an orthodox police officer, and has been involved in the Jewish community for over thirty years.  

Secretary – Police Sergeant Imogen Hirst

Imogen Hirst Dip BA(Hons) MA, is currently a serving police officer at Aviation Policing, as well as filling roles in public order including Police Liaison and in the Flag unit. Previously, Imogen undertood a six month project to look at under reporting of hate crime experienced by the visibly Jewish communities of London. Imogen is keen to continue to engage with all sections of the Jewish community and happy to cbe contacted in relation to anything Jewish or Police related.

Treasurer – Police Sergeant Jon Brandman

Jonathan Brandman is a serving Police Officer.  He joined Essex Police in 2006 before transferring to the MPS in 2012, and then subsequently to City of London Police.  His background is primarily uniformed Policing.

Regional Force Liaison – chief Superintendent Michael Loebenberg

 Twitter: @mloebenberg

After university, Michael began work as a regular police officer in August 2006. Over his career he has served in each rank, in roles including response and neighbourhood policing, crime investigation and custody services. He has worked across numerous policy and strategy areas, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from UCL, as well as a Master’s degree in Police Leadership and Management from Warwick. He has worked on many large scale football, protest and ceremonial events as an accredited public order commander. 

Michael joined Thames Valley Police as a Superintendent in 2017 and spent two years leading the NPCC Digital Public Contact Programme, forging a nationwide collaboration which is transforming the online services offered for contact between the public and the police by forces across England and Wales. He received an NPCC Chair’s Commendation for his work on the programme and continues his work in this area as a Board Member. He commanded Aylesbury Vale since 2019, leading the police partnership for the establishment of Buckinghamshire Council, and is proud of the area’s achievements in protecting the community and bringing offenders to justice.

Michael was a founding member of the Jewish Police Association and was originally elected to the position of Deputy Chair in 2008.

Behind every successful organisation is a team of hard working Executive members. For the JPA, the executive committee perform most duties over and above their various police officer roles. We are all committed to ensuring the JPA continues to be an Association the members can be proud of.