Mat Shaer was persuaded to once again stand for the Chairmanship of the Jewish Police Association. Despite sending a personal plea to all members for someone to challenge him, Mat received many messages of support from within the Association and from the wider community asking him to stand again.

Having recently returned from a successful trip to Poland, representing the JPA on a Polish Embassy sponsored fact finding mission, Mat was keen to talk about some of the ambitious plans and programmes that had been put into place and were being considered for the future.

The formation of the national umbrella organisation, JPA UK, was an obvious talking point. This finally means the JPA has a national structure that can cope with the national and regional issues and projects that have proved challenging in the past. Mat was also keen on stressing the undoubted success of the launch of the JPA into the world of social media.

Unanimously re-elected, Mat said, “I am very proud of the achievements of the Jewish Police Association and look forward to building on the recent successes and developments. I am delighted to have been re-elected and am humbled by the messages of support that led me to taking this step.”