On the 7th February 2012, the Jewish Police Association ran another in its successful series of social networking events at The Grand Rolph Hall venue, City of London Police Headquarters. The 80 guests included representatives from the JPA membership, the City of London Police, the Armed Forces Jewish Community, the Association of Anglo-Jewish Ex-Servicemen (AJEX) and the Civil Service including the Cabinet Office.

The internationally acclaimed speaker and author Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz gave a truly fascinating and inspirational presentation on the Jewish approach to issues of free will, criminality and culpability. He combined a captivating and intellectually engaging style with humour and impactful examples, some coming from his own career as a surgeon. Next to take the stage were two very talented performers. Antony Wolfson, a JPA member and Sergeant with the City of London Police, is also a talented singer with a record deal, admired by close family and friends of Elvis Presley – one of hid main inspirations. With his co-performer Harry Eckman, they delivered a top quality show including covers of Sinatra, Elvis, Costello and others.

Feedback to this event has been as fantastic as it has been for previous JPA events in the series. Notably, Detective Chief Superintendent David Clarke of the City of London Police attended and described the event as a, “Superb evening” with an, “Outstanding, thought provoking and humourous speaker” and, “Wonderful, warm crowd and super food!”. He also called for more such events.

The JPA would like to extend its gratitude to Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz and the Jewish Learning Exchange of Golders Green, London, for agreeing to attend an speak. Thanks also go to the City of London Police for the venue and staff to assist in organising the event, and a big thank-you to Antony and Harry for delivering a great stage show.
Previous JPA networking events have been held at other prestigious venues attracting excellent guest listed attendance. More are planned to follow.