Fears that they may have to work on religious days mean some officers and staff get stuck in their roles, the Jewish Police Association has said this week.

Mat Shaer, Chairman of the Association, told Police Review there is a continuing argument about the ‘value’ the police service gets out of personal development programmes but they should not be underestimated.

He said, “I have heard throughout my service, “Our staff are our greatest asset”, but I am sometimes not convinced that the police service follows that through. If they did they would see that personal development is just as important [as professional development].”

The Association’s training programme, which ran in London on 21 January and 29 April with a three-month development period in-between, aimed to increase officers’ confidence to progress in their careers.

Mr Shaer, who is also a Met Inspector, said officers can get ‘locked’ into roles, particularly if they have religious requirements, such as not working on particular days, and have carefully negotiated their shift patterns with local management. He said the course helped members to face up to these challenges.

The Assoication’s long-term plan is to roll the course out across the country so that its 250 nationwide members can take part.

Mr Shaer also recommended other staff Associations consider a similar programme.